Account Suspended without any valid reason

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Amazon can and does dictate terms to sellers. It can do so because it is the biggest marketplace and sellers profit by joining the Amazon e-commerce platform. Amazon zealously safeguards its reputation and will not hesitate to take action against sellers that contravene its policies and terms. Sellers are supposed to read the terms and adhere to policies that keep being revised from time to time. Amazon does send out notifications of such updates and it is for sellers to read and stay compliant. Still, it is found that sellers receive a notification out of the blue that their account is suspended. They can no longer trade. Their listing is taken down. Amazon usually issues notifications and warnings and also tries to contact sellers by phone before taking the extreme step of suspending a seller’s account. However, sometimes, it may happen and it has happened to quite a few sellers that their account is suspended by Amazon without any valid reason being assigned.

Try to understand the reasons for suspensions

If your account is suspended without assigning any reason you can assume that Amazon has something that contravenes their policies and it is so objectionable that they have to take this drastic step. Assume that you have been selling on Amazon since quite some time so you are surprised that your account is suspended all of a sudden. Try to understand the reasons.

  • Go through all their policy updates. You may find an update you have missed that may apply to your listing.
  • Check your performance over the last 3 to 6 months. You can do so in your account health dashboard by clicking on the performance tab. Sub-par performance leads to suspension or temporary disbarment.
  • Try to check if your listing violates product rule and for this, you need to check inventory to know if you have inadvertently listed any forbidden or restricted item.

You may be able to zero in on something you feel has led to the suspension. Since your listing is removed and your account is suspended you will not be able to delist that product or take remedial action. Your best bet is to approach Amazon with an email and be tactful as well as courteous. Your only hope of reinstatement is to appeal and do it right for which you may seek assistance from e-commerce enablers like Digicommerce.

It could take time

If you send an email you are likely to receive a response that the Amazon team is “working on it”. This could take days or even weeks or a month. Hopefully, there will be some indication for the probable reason for the suspension of the account. You can draft out a nice email in which you apologize for having inadvertently contravened any of their provisions and give the undertaking to remedy the situation.

You will need to detail a Plan of action to remedy the situation. If that satisfies Amazon they may reinstate your account.


It happens to big sellers and it happens to small sellers. Amazon suspends seller account without assigning any valid reason. This does happen in rare instances where Amazon may have come to the conclusion that immediate suspension is required and it may not even assign any reason. What this means is that you, as a seller, are left wondering what wrong you have done to have invited this drastic action.

Suspension grounds

Amazon always keeps watch over its sellers and if it finds that sellers do not conform to policies then it may take action. Suspension may result because you are not conforming strictly to the terms of the agreement. Sellers may not have read the updates that Amazon keeps sending and suddenly, due to changed policies, their existing listing may be found to be objectionable. If buyers complain about poor services then Amazon takes a dim view and repeated instances lead to suspension. You may sell an item that is restricted and this is grounds for suspension. You will have to take appropriate action and submit a plan of action to convince Amazon to remove the suspension. Take full responsibility and give assurances that you will conform to their rules.

Contact Amazon

If a suspension happens then your first course of action is to try and get in touch with Amazon by phone and you must also send an email. Most probably you are likely to receive a reply that the Amazon team is working on your suspension and they will inform you in due course. You will have to be patient and wait for their response. If the situation can be remedied then Amazon is likely to give you reasons why your account is suspended and you can take proper action. Meanwhile, it is up to you to investigate your records and listings and to try and find out what possibly could be the reason for suspension. If you arrive at general assumptions then you could email Amazon and give them an undertaking to remove the deficiencies. You can also prepare a plan of action and submit it to Amazon. Do not send one email after another to follow up the matter and always try to be courteous. If you annoy them then Amazon is likely to put a stop to all communications. Amazon does not care how long your suspension lasts. You are the affected one and if you follow proper procedure then Amazon may reinstate your account.



Amazon sometimes has this practice of suspending a seller’s account without assigning any reason at all. If this happens this is a drastic situation and you will have to get in touch with Amazon to know how matters stand. If your phone and if you are lucky enough to get through to their representative then you may get to know what your fault is and the Amazon representative may suggest what action you can take. Sometimes you may phone but you will not be able to get through. Send an email. You will receive a response that your case is under consideration.

Why did suspension happen to you?

Suspension of a seller’s account can happen due to any reason:

  • Violation of Amazon policies and guidelines
  • Objectionable or restricted products are listed
  • Your product photo can be misleading and creates confusion for buyers and despite repeated reminders to you to remove this anomaly you have not taken action.
  • Your performance is poor
  • You do not handle customer complaints and returns are taking too long or delivery is taking too long and that too on a consistent basis.

If Amazon has not given any reason in the above categories or on any other ground then you will have to guess at it by reviewing your listing and reading Amazon’s policies and terms again. Meanwhile, you prepare a plan of action to appeal to Amazon to revoke the suspension.


You can draft out an email and appeal to Amazon to remove the suspension. If you have guessed at the reason, you may state so and give a declaration that you are accepting responsibility and that you will be particularly careful to remove anything objectionable and to improve. Detail the plan of action you propose to take to satisfy Amazon and request them to guide you. If Amazon does respond and specifies the grounds for suspension you can then incorporate appropriate remedial measures in your plan of action. They must be convinced about how you resolve the situation and if it will be acceptable. Should they approve then you may proceed and follow the directions. If you have done so right then Amazon may remove the suspension.

Not all cases of suspension without valid reason are so straightforward. You may find that roping in an expert ecommerce enabler like Digicommerce to handle your case will be better since they know all about it.



One of the most common reasons a site is suspended is due to lack of payment for web hosting. Hosts try to avoid billing issues by sending out email notices to clients ahead of time or setting up automatic payments from customer credit/debit cards.