Can I use Paytm without KYC?

2 Answers

No, you cant use Paytm without completing your KYC (know your customer ) verification process. KYC stands for know your customer .Verifying your KYC process is mandatory for Paytm fund transfer that means for using services offered by Paytm you need to complete your  Paytm verification process first. Without Paytm varification, you can only perform  Paytm UPI transactions only.


 Here are the few benefits of completing your KYC verification process -

• Easy fund transfers.

• Lots of cash backs and offers.

• You can store up to 1 lakh on your Paytm wallet.

• You can open the Paytm payments bank account.

 For completing your KYC verification as soon as possible for using services offered by Paytm. to know  how easily verify your  KYC on Paytm  visit



Paytm has clarified that without KYC, transferring amounts out of their Paytm wallets back to their bank accounts or to make cash transfers to other Paytm accounts is not permitted. ... All one needs to do is to link their bank account with Paytm using UPI and continue to send money to any bank account free of cost.