Does Flipkart provide packaging material?

1 Answers


Flipkart has a strong network of best packaging material providers in the industry. So to sellers, Flipkart provides high-quality shipping materials and packaging materials online all over India and you can also buy the packing material of Flipkart in wholesale from the different whole seller. And Flipkart has ensured that it is mandatory to use the packing material provided by Flipkart to pack the products. They provide good quality packing which impresses the customers and ensures your products remain undamaged and safe. There are different packing materials for different categories of products and these are-

1) Courier Packaging bags

2) BOPP Tapes

3) Corrugated Boxes

4) Retail Carry Bags

5) Bubble Wrap Roll

6) Stand Up Pouches

7) Bubble Bags

8) Flipkart Printed Polybags

9) D- Cut Carry Bags


 Flipkart said that the packaging material provided by Flipkart would help the seller to enhance customer perception and experience and also reduce the product returns.

To acquire Flipkart packaging material from Flipkart-

• In your seller account go to the home page of the seller learning center.

• There look for the Flipkart branded packing materials option.

• Now select your required size of SKU and the order quantity.