Does Myntra provide packaging material?

2 Answers

Yes, Myntra provides packaging material to its sellers for packing their products. before sending it to customers. It is important for sellers to pack the product properly before sending it to customers because packaging plays a very important role when you are sending your products to your customers.


Here is the list of the packaging material provided by Myntra-


• Corrugated Boxes

• Polybag

• Bubble Wrap

• Brand Tape



There are many benefits of providing good packaging like-


• Keep products safe during transit.

• Maintain customer's trust.

• There will be fewer product returns.


A 40-year-old company that once made polymer envelopes for collecting evidence from crime scenes is now the country's largest supplier of packing material for e-commerce firms, such as FlipkartMyntra, Amazon and FashionandYou. ... Before Dynaflex started to service ecommerce clients, its growth rate was stagnant at 20%.