Does Paytm provide packaging material?

2 Answers

Yes Paytm provides packaging material to their sellers.

It is very important for every seller to pack the product properly before sending it to the customer. There are many benefits of good packaging like it keeps the product safe during transit, makes the product more attractive and also helps in gaining customer support.


 Here is the list of packaging material provided by Paytm-


• Corrugated Boxes

• Polybag

• Bubble Wrap

• Transparent Pouch

• Brand Tape

• Fragile Tape/Sticker

• Angles

• Transparent Tape


To pack your product properly follow these steps -


 1. Firstly you need to bubble wrap the product properly.

 2. After the bubble wrapping keep the product in polybag or corrugated boxes.

 3. Use brand sealing tape for sealing the corrugates boxes.
























f you wish order or buy Paytm branded packing then you must go to and log in with your ID and password. There you will find an option called seller support. Once you click there you will something called “Request for packing material