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You gain certain momentum in sales once you start to sell on Flipkart but that should not make you sit back and relax. You can enhance your business on Flipkart even more with additional services and features available on Flipkart.

Online promotions and Social Media

Digicommerce offers what it terms as Flipkart Boost service inspired by Amazon Boost. This is a comprehensive suite of various strategies. The professional team takes on social media and spread the word about your store, increasing visibility and enhancing business opportunities. You get talked about and recommended. Then there is search engine marketing to get you targeted traffic for your store and products.

Flipkart programs to enhance your Business

Our professional team offers assistance to take advantage of various Flipkart programs that will directly affect your sales.

  • Spike sales: Flipkart organizes spike sales from time to time during which sellers are inundated with orders and clear off their inventory. Digicommerce profiles a strategy of product placement and pricing to help you sell off within minutes of the spike sale going live.
  • Product ads: This is Flipkart’s way of helping sellers to be more noticeable when buyers visit the site and search for products. We create ads and deploy them on behalf of our clients and these ads are shown as featured products on Flipkart pages. You pay if visitor clicks on the ad and views your product.
  • Refining product descriptions and photographs is part of the activity to boost sales on Flipkart. In addition, we identify and exploit opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell on Flipkart.
  • Help you to graduate from the starting bronze seller status to gold and silver seller and benefit from Flipkart program for these two categories.
  • Assist with formulating of various incentives and loyalty reward programs such as coupons, vouchers and discount codes.

Ongoing analysis and trends

While you are busy executing orders our team is busy identifying trends and carrying out analysis of sales on Flipkart and other e-commerce sites to know which products are in demand. The marketplace always changes and competition is increasing all the time. We help you to stay ahead of competitors and be ready with products when the demand arises so that you get a headstart. Our analysis also covers your business activity and tells you if you are making decent profits from a product, whether you should increase prices or decrease price to increase sales or add new products.  Our experts may also assist you with sourcing and setting up supply lines so you can products at a lower price and sell at a lower price and in higher volumes. Our experts are always alert to every opportunity.

There is plenty more you can do besides just executing orders but you may not have time. Let Digicommerce specialist handle strategies to enhance business on Flipkart and keep accelerating.



If you are wondering how to boost your sales on flipkart.com, here are our top 10 tips:
  1. Product Listing Ads: To achieve more sales you need to drive higher traffic towards your products. ...
  2. Participate in spike sales: ...
  3. Good packaging: ...
  4. Better cataloging: ...
  5. Stick to the rules: ...
  6. Stock up your inventory: ...
  7. Deliver on time: ...
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