How can I sell online on Snapdeal?

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There is a good reason to sell on Snapdeal. In just one stroke you gain access to lakhs of buyers in 3000 locations in India without spending on marketing. All you do is sign up with Snapdeal and agree to pay its commission on each sale.

How to sell on Snapdeal involves the registration process. If you are new to business then this is for you.

Survey and choose products to sell

You must know how the Snapdeal market works. For this survey Snapdeal to know which products are sold the most and the prices at which they are selling. Next, you have to set up a supply-side for selected products. Get in touch with wholesaler or manufacturer and make clear your intentions. Obtain prices and add overheads and your margin to know if you can sell it at competitive prices in the same price bracket as that of other sellers. If you are not profitable then there is no point in selling. It must be kept in mind that Snapdeal and all eCommerce sites charge fees on each sale that could be as much as 15% of the sale price. Do you have a clear profit after this? You also pay GST on commission.

Register as a business

Since selling is governed by laws you have to be compliant. Therefore these are the steps you must first undertake before you register as a seller on Snapdeal.

  • Form a business entity. It can be partnership, proprietorship, private or public limited company. Get all necessary registration papers and certificates pertaining to the type of the business entity you create.
  • Register for PAN and get PAN card
  • Register with GST and get GST certificate
  • Open a current bank account in business name, get a cheque book and keep cancelled cheque ready.
  • Keep address proof and ID proof ready

 Scan and keep ready these documents to upload during the registration process.

It also helps to get a digital signature certificate and trademark certificate or authorization if you are selling branded products.

Registration as seller on Snapdeal

Now you can start the process of registration as a seller on Snapdeal. L

  • Launch in your browser.
  • Snapdeal will ask you to enter the GST number and click on Register now.
  • Another window opens and you will be filling in the company name, address, phone, bank details and PAN card details. Upload documents at appropriate steps.
  • It takes less than half an hour to complete the process of registration but the actual process of starting to sell on Snapdeal takes more time.
  • You next upload catalog containing product title, description and photographs of each product you plan to sell. Once this is done your store is active online and you can expect orders.

See how simple it is? Just make sure you choose the right products and get them at the right price. 


The answer to your question is that if you wish to sell online on Snapdeal then you must become a registered seller. Marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal do not directly sell. They only provide a platform for sellers to reach out to buyers and for buyers to find sellers in one place. It is like a mall where the building is owned by someone who lets out shops to sellers who can then sell to buyers who walk in. Snapdeal is like that mall but it is online.

There are five simple steps to selling on Snapdeal.

  1. Create a business if you are new to selling: It is desirable to form a proprietorship/partnership/private-public limited company. Obtain GST certificate, PAN card and bank account and also keep address proof and ID proof ready for submission if asked for at the time of registering as a seller on Snapdeal.
  1. Decide which products to sell: You cannot pick products at random. Research well as to which products sell the most on Snapdeal and the prices at which they sell. Then source such products and know how much your landed cost is. You will know whether you will be able to sell at a profit on Snapdeal. Keep in mind you pay Snapdeal their seller fees on each sale so your net take is much less. Proceed with registration only if you are confident you have a reliable supply side.
  1. Register with Snapdeal: Go to and enter your GST number to start the registration process. Enter details in the subsequent screens to complete the registration process. You receive confirmation that your account is created. You sign MOU with Snapdeal and you can now proceed with the next step.
  1. List products: This is like filling a physical store with goods. Only here you take photographs and write descriptions that you then upload to your store. Once uploaded these listings are available in searches on Snapdeal and also when buyers visit your store.
  1. Sell: If a buyer places an order you receive an intimation by mail and in your dashboard. Pack using packing materials you can buy from Snapdeal and keep ready for shipment. The courier picks it up and delivers to the buyer. Snapdeal makes payment to you in due course.

Of course, this is a simple scenario. Actual day to day selling and selling more on Snapdeal are topics you will have to work on when you start selling. Remember to read all the terms and the policies carefully so that you do not contravene any of them. The violation could lead to suspension of your account.



Form a business entity first. A limited liability partnership or private limited company is best since your personal liability, in case of any claims or legal proceedings, is limited. Get associated PAN card, open a current account with bank and obtain GST registration certificate.

The next logical step is to go to site and register. However, wait a minute. Do you know what you are going to sell on Snapdeal? If you are already running a retail business then it is all right. You are simply shifting to the online process. However, if you are starting from scratch you have to first find out which products you can sell the most on Snapdeal and then go to the source and set up the supply side. You have to select products that sell fast so you can have a volume turnover on Snapdeal. Then you must negotiate with wholesaler or manufacturer to keep you supplied in time at best possible prices. Calculate your landed cost and the cost at which you can sell on Snapdeal. There should be at least 20% margin but you will likely get only 5% or so. This is because Snapdeal charges a commission on each sale plus GST on such commission. Now you see that registering on Snapdeal as a seller is easy but you have to make much more effort to pick right products, find the supplier who sells it to you at a low price, find funding to finance your purchases and then sell.  In my opinion, this is the most important part freshers to selling must get right otherwise your business will not make a profit.

As for actual selling on Snapdeal, it is easy. You first have the documents as above scanned and ready. Logon to and fill in the GST number to get your application started. Enter details as may be required in subsequent screens. Once everything is filled in and you have uploaded documents at each stage as required the account is created and you sign an agreement with Snapdeal. Read it very carefully.

This done you now upload photographs and product descriptions to your account. These will show up as listings. Choose the title of the product with care to be the same as the ones written by others so that your listing is also found in searches. Always stick to product brand name, type, model and other significant descriptors. Do not add anything extra such as “at a low price” “top quality” or others. Make sure images are clear even when magnified and show detail. Do not ever lift photos from online sites because you would be violating copyright. If you must, obtain permission. Now that your store is active you can expect someone or the other to place an order. You pack using Snapdeal supplied packaging and the courier picks it up. Congrats. You have made your first sale. Do not expect miracles. There are hundreds who registered as a seller and did not manage to sell even one item in a week or a month. Put in extra efforts to sell on Snapdeal to get visitors to buy.



  1. Keep the documents ready.
  2. Decide the products you want to sell and list them down.
  3. Get the catalogue of all the products in place. ...
  4. Next, go to and fill up the “Register Now” form and click on Sell Now button.