How can I sell things faster on Myntra?

1 Answers

Myntra is the best online selling marketplace in India. If you want to sell your products faster on Myntra then follow these points-


•Use relevant keywords - It is very important for sellers to use appropriate keywords according to their products. Keywords will increase the visibility of your product that means more customer will able to find your product.


•Use high-quality images- While listing your products you must try to upload high-quality products. High-quality images will make your product more attractive.


•Use appropriate description-The best way to increase your product sales is by using an appropriate description.


•Keep your title attractive- Always try to keep your title attractive. follow this formula for attractive formula = brand name + product name + features titles.


•Try to get good reviews- No one wants to buy products with negative reviews. So try to get lots of positive reviews on your products.