How can we sell on Jabong ?

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It is a different matter when you wish to sell on Jabong. Conduct a google search on how to become a seller on other platforms and you will find that Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and others will usually show up with their seller portal links. Not so Jabong. This online fashion store was acquired by Flipkart through its Myntra subsidiary, in itself a fashion store online. So, the procedure to become a seller on Jabong is somewhat convoluted.

It seems you cannot just jump on the Jabong bandwagon like you would on other e-commerce sites. You have to be an established and performing seller on platforms like Myntra or Flipkart and you should have a portfolio of about 60 products with an average price above Rs 600. If you are doing well your performance is tracked and in due course, Jabong may invite you to join its platform. This takes time.

Your way forward would be to the first register as a seller on Myntra. It is easier to register and sell there and then, in due course, you could climb aboard Jabong. When you do, you will need to have these requisites ready:

  • GST registration
  • Trade Mark registration
  • Barcode labeling and printing facility

Apart from these, it helps to keep ready details such as website, product types, selling price, styles, details of your operation on other e-commerce platform and sales turnover.

Furnish these details and, provided these match criteria laid down by Jabong, their representative calls to take the process further and turn you into a seller on Jabong.

You could try to send an email to to see if they will entertain your request. Good Luck!



So you want to become a seller on Jabong, huh? Good. It is known for high-quality top brands in fashion apparel and accessories so you can make a good profit. However, Jabong is part of Myntra. So, the logical thing to do is register as a seller on Myntra and start selling. If you are quite successful on Myntra you may not even wish to join Jabong but Jabong may want you to join them. See, that is is how it works.

Type or copy this link in your browser.

  • A registration page opens up for Myntra-Jabong.
  • You enter your name, email, mobile and then details of your business, click on product categories and click on appropriate boxes against the type of business. Verify captcha to ensure you are not a robot and submit.

From here on you can proceed with registration as a seller on Myntra-Jabong. Just keep ready scanned documents like:

  • Partnership deed/certificate of incorporation of private limited/public limited company
  • GST registration
  • PAN card
  • Trade mark certificate if you sell in your brand or approval letter to sell branded products
  • Proof that you have barcode printing facility.

You should become registered as a seller on Myntra and that gives you access to Jabong too, provided they decide you meet the criteria.

You will find that it is easier to get there when you have expert e-commerce enablers like Digicommerce to help you.



Myntra acquired Jabong so there is no separate portal from where you can register as a seller on Jabong directly. It is easier to go through Myntra.

Keep these details ready with documents scanned wherever applicable:

  • Company name and type
  • GST ID number and certificate
  • PAN card details
  • Trade mark registration and status
  • Website details
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Product types and prices as well as styles
  • Details of whether you sell on other e-commerce sites
  • Turnover
  • Barcode printing facility

Then visit the link where you can start the process of becoming a seller on Myntra-Jabong combine.

If reports are anything to go by then this seller registration will get you started off on Myntra first. Myntra keeps track of your performance and the type of products you sell. If your performance is good and your brand qualifies to rank alongside top ones or is in demand and your products have high value then they may invite you to sell on Jabong as well.

You will need to display garments draped on models and photographs need to be exceedingly good to become a seller on Jabong and Myntra too. A photograph is worth a thousand words. You may not have to write 1000 words product description but in this too, make it attractive.  If you are doing well on Myntra you may not want the added responsibility of managing an account on another store but if you do then it is better to leave all this to some e-commerce enabler like Digicommerce.


To start selling on Jabong you need to go to following Links and fill in your details.
  1. Registered Business - It is best to be registered as a corporate entity.
  2. Barcode Printer is necessarily required.
  3. Trademark Registration is again necessary.
  4. VAT registration is required by all who sell online in India.