How do I become a seller on Voonik?

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Voonik is about fashion and accessories for women, men and kids. In order to become a seller, you must first be in this line, be a fashion designer or interested in selling apparel. Like all sellers, you must undergo the simple registration process. If your application online is approved then Voonik gives you the go-ahead to sell.

Follow these steps to become a seller on Voonik:

  • Go to site
  • You see Register Today.
  • Fill in an email address, phone, company name and display name (name of your store) in the rows below and click on sell now. Do you think you are done? No. There is more.
  • Next you will be asked to fill in the address of your company and also pick up address if your warehouse is in a different location. Applicants will have to upload address proof, properly scanned.
  • Now the page displays Memorandum of understanding. You must accept to proceed further with registration.
  • In the next step you furnish GST and Aadhar details and upload these documents.
  • Fill details of bank in the next page like account name, number, IFSC and scanned copy of cancelled cheque. Click on submit
  • At last, the process is over. Almost.
  • Voonik will call to complete the registration process.



There are two parts to becoming a seller on Voonik. First, you form a company and then obtain certificates and documents. These are:

  1. Address proof, ID proof and Personal PAN card for proprietorship company; Partnership deed and registration of partnership certificate for partnership; Certificate of incorporation and memorandum & articles of association for private limited/public limited company and address proof of all directors.
  2. PAN card for partnership or private/public limited company.
  3. GST registration certificate
  4. Current bank account and cheque book.
  5. Trademark certificate (if you sell in your brand)

Next, log on to site.  Start the process:

    • Enter email, phone, company name and display name of your store
    • Enter details of an address in next page
    • Accept Memorandum of Understanding displayed on next page
    • Enter details of GST and upload scanned copy of certificate and Aadhar card.
    • Submit bank details and upload copy of cancelled cheque in the next page and this completes the process.
    • Voonik executive will call to check and confirm.

The next stage is to log in to your account and upload product catalogue. Your catalogue should have a title for each product according to the category, very clear photograph or 2-3 photos from different angles and a detailed description. When buyers visit your page they will look at photos and read the text. If it is convincing they will buy.


So you want to become a seller on Voonik. Good. 9 million customers visit Voonik to buy premium or latest fashion apparel and accessories. It is better than investing in a brick and mortar store and then witnessing only meager sales each day. You do not pay anything to register as a seller on Voonik and you can sell a lot more with fewer costs which means you can sell at less price and still earn more profit.

Form company first and get documents for business

Naturally, selling is a business so you will first have to get this side in order.

  • Form a company. It does not matter if you start with a proprietorship company or partnership. Just register the company name and get documents.
  • Next, obtain GST certificate and PAN card in your company name.
  • Keep address proof ready.
  • Open current account in a bank and make sure you get the chequebook.

Register as a seller on Voonik

Open your browser and copy-paste this link ( You will see a register today heading below which is a form.

  • Type an email address (tip: create a new one in your company name)
  • Type  mobile phone number
  • Type your company name
  • Type the display name which means you give a short name for your store like “Vimla’s Fashion” for instance. Click on sell now. This starts the process.
  • A page opens with another form in continuation of the process. Type in address of the company and proceed.
  • The next page shows seller agreement of Voonik. Accept it and proceed to next page by clicking on the button.
  • Now you will type in GST number and upload scanned copy of GST certificate.
  • In the next page you will provide the bank account number, account name and IFSC code and upload copy of cancelled cheque.
  • With this the application is complete.
  • Voonik representative will phone you.

Voonik Seller Registration – Become a Seller on Voonik
  1. Step 1: Go to Voonik Seller Platform. ...
  2. Step 2: Provide Address Details. ...
  3. Step 3: Accept Voonik Agreement for Sellers. ...
  4. Step 4: Provide Business Details. ...
  5. Step 5: Provide Bank Details.