How much does a Zomato delivery boy earn for a month?

2 Answers

Here is the calculation for Zomato delivery boy salary

Zomato delivery boy gets  ₹ 60 per delivery.

If the delivery boy deliveries 6 orders then he will get 350 as an incentive.

And if he delivers  21  orders then he will get  750 as an incentive.


So if he deliveries 21 orders then he will get 21*60 = rs 1260 plus 750 as an incentive

Total salary will be ₹ 2010


So your gross earning for the month will be Rs. 30,000. If your daily expenses for fuel and food were Rs. 250(for a bike with mileage of 45kmpl) and Rs.100 respectively then total expenditure for one month will be Rs. 8,400. (Rs.350*24 days= Rs. 8,400.).