How to delete Myntra account?

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Myntra is India's best online clothing site. It does online retailing of the various branded apparel. The products which you can buy from Myntra come under the categories of footwear, clothing, cosmetics, accessories, etc. It gives many customer-oriented services to its users like easy order return and replacement, quick delivery, the transparent refund policy, order tracking and many more. It is a very famous site for shopping for branded and fashionable items. So if you using Myntra for online shopping and you are not satisfied with the services provided by Mnytra and you decided not to you it in the future then you can easily delete Myntra account.

 How to delete Myntra account

 There are two methods to delete Myntra account-

 Method 1- Myntra Account deletion by Email

 If you want to delete the Myntra account, you can delete it with the help of your personal email account. By this option, you can directly contact the Myntra customer support, they will delete your account. To delete Myntra account by email follow these steps.

 • To delete Myntra account by this method you have to use your personal Email address.

 • Open your Email account.

 • Write an email at describing all your problem with Mnytra and request to delete your account.

 Method 2- Deletion of account through the Myntra account

 You can also delete your account from Myntra portal also. For this follow these steps-

 • Login to your Myntra account from the mobile app or from the web browser by opening, whichever option you like.

 • In the mobile app, go to the upper left corner and in the last click on Contact Us tab and in a browser, scroll down to go to the bottom of the page, here click on Contact Us option.

 • Now, click on "Non-order Related Issues" and then on “Other” tab in select issue option.

 • Here click on “I have an issue with the app”.

 • You will see "Sorry! we are not able to recommend a solution. Please get in touch using Contact Us Option below".

 • Then click on the "Contact Us" option below.

 • Now, a pop-up will appear below the screen.

 • There will be two options to contact the Mnytra customer care support- by chat or by calling.

 • You can choose any option from these two and ask Myntra Customer care to delete your Myntra account permanently.

 A sample of the email to send, for deleting Myntra account-


Subject: Regarding deleting account from your database

 Dear Team(Name of the company),

 I have an account in your database, with the name (Your name on the account) and my registered email id in your database is (Your email id). I do not want to use this account for some reason So I am kindly requesting to you to delete my account permanently from your database and remove all the notification also.



(Your name)

(Your phone)

(Your email)

 By using one of these methods you can easily delete your account from Myntra. If you want to delete account from any eCommerce site with the help of email, you can follow the above format of email and send the email to the customer support and ask to delete your account. So, you should be 100% sure if you want to delete your account as after deleting you can not retrieve it back.


Step 1: Open your email account. Step 2: Write an email at describing all your problem with Mnytra and request to delete your account.