How to get the barcode for my products to sell on Amazon?

2 Answers

 If you are planning to grow your business online by selling your products on Amazon. Then you need to get your Amazon barcode or product id before listing your products.

 There are Six types of the Amazon barcode or product id in amazon-

 • GTIN Number

 • ASIN  Number 

 • UPC Number 

 • GCID Number 

 • ISBN Number 

 • EAN Number 


GTIN  Number - (Global Trade Item Number) GTIN  It is mandatory for every seller to file there GTIN exemption for selling their products on Amazon.

ASIN Number - (Amazon Standard Identification Number) ASIN is a  unique 10 digit number assigned by Amazon for the identification of products in amazon. By using ASIN customers can easily reach the product they are looking for.

 UPC Number  – (Universal Product Code ) UPC is a unique 12 digit product code that is useful in identifying products. UPC is mostly used for selling electronic products.

 GCID Number  -GCID number is provided to sellers by Amazon. GSID number is used to identify your product. This number is not mandatory. if you have your GSTIN number then you can start listing your products on Amazon.

 ISBN Number – International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique 10 digit number. If you are selling Books on Amazon then you need to obtain your ISBN number.

 EAN  Number -European Article Numbers or International Article Numbers (EAN). EAN is similar to the UPC number the only difference is that EAN used for international products. 

 These are the six product id in Amazon

 To get your GTIN exemption to follow these steps-

• Log in to your Amazon seller central account.

• Go to the GTIN (UPC, EAN…) exemption page.

• Now download the appropriate template according to your product.

 • Fill the template. And then upload your template

• Click on Submit 

 Then wait for your GTIN Exemption approval. 


You can't get the barcodeBarcode is given by manufacturers only. If your products does not have barcode then apply for UPC/EAN exemption in order to list & sell on Amazon.