How to manage orders on Amazon as seller ?

1 Answers

Amazon is the best e-commerce marketplace for selling your products online in India. Manage orders page on Amazon seller account provides a customizable view of all your orders. It will help you to view all the orders for a specific date range or you can use Advanced Search to filter specific types of orders. 
There are two types of fulfillment services provided by Amazon FBA and FBM. If you opt for FBA( Fulfilled by Amazon) then you don't need to worry about product packing, packing, and shipping. Amazon will manage your inventory. If you opt for ( Fulfilled by Merchant ) then you have to follow these steps for Amazon inventory management-
• Log in to your Amazon seller account using your login details.
• Click on Orders.
• Now click on Manage orders.
• All your orders will be displayed in front of you.
You can easily do Amazon inventory management.