How to recover an Amazon suspended account ?

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Amazon is the best platform for selling and growing your business online. But sometimes due to some reasons Amazon suspends your Amazon seller account. If your Amazon seller account is suspended firstly you need to know the reasons behind suspension. So that you can do your Amazon account recovery. Here are the few common reasons for Amazon account suspended -

• Late dispatch rate- Late dispatch rate means that the seller has delivered orders after the expected or promised delivery date. When the late dispatch rate is more than 4% there are chances that your account Amazon account gets suspended.

• ODR (order defect rate )- ODR is the method through which Amazon tracks the sellers account There are three types of ODR-


i. Negative Feedback Rate- Negative feedback is used to calculate the number of orders with negative feedback.

ii. A-to-z Guarantee Claim Rate- A-to-z guarantee rate is calculated with the help of the timely delivery of your product and the condition of the purchased product.

iii. Chargeback: Chargeback happens when the card user tells their bank that a fraudulent transaction was made with the card. In this case, Amazon has to give the paid amount back to the customer. (not applicable in India)

Your ODR must be less than 1% .if it is more than 1% then your account is at risk

• Violation of Amazon Selling Policies or code of conduct:- when the seller provides incorrect information to customers, harming other sellers, operating more than one selling account without permission, influencing customers’ ratings and reviews then chances of suspension of their account increases.

Firstly you need to know what is the reason behind the suspension of your account. After knowing the reason you need to prepare a plan of action (POA).For preparing POA to follow this format:-

A. What went wrong- you have to explain what are the things which have gone wrong while selling your product.

B. What we have done to fix the problems-write down the steps you will take to solve the above-mentioned issue.

C. What you have done to prevent the problems from happening again in the future.

Mail your POA at and wait for a response from the team.

And also, send a plan of action that explains the following-

•Main causes of the A-to-z claims, service chargebacks, and negative feedback.

•Actions that you took to resolve A-to-z claims, service chargebacks, and negative feedback.

•Steps were taken by you to prevent A-to-z claims, service chargebacks going and negative feedback.

These steps will help you in if your Amazon account suspended. So that you can do your Amazon account recovery.