how to sell on Myntra- Seller Registration?

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Go to  for knowing how to sell on Myntra and do Myntra seller registration.

Before you start this process you must form a legal business entity. This can be a partnership/proprietorship/limited partnership/private limited company. Register a company name first. Depending on the structure of the company you will need an appropriate certificate

Click on Register Now. And fill all the required details.

After doing this open a bank account and then get the GST registration certificate. Also, obtain a PAN card with the company name.

If you planning to sell branded products you need to obtain an authorization letter from the brand owner or authorized dealer. And If you planning to sell your own brand, register it and get a trademark certificate.

When you log in to Myntra partner portal as above you will be required to furnish scanned copies of all these documents so scan and keep ready to upload at the right point of the registration process.

Myntra will verify the documents and connect with you to take the process further. If they are satisfied then you are authorized as a Myntra seller.

Of course, it does not end there. You have simply registered as a Myntra seller.  Then when your store goes live, you can expect a visitor to buy. If that happens you receive a notification and you must pack and keep product ready for shipment.  Congrats, now you are a Myntra seller.



If you want to become a seller on Myntra you must become a buyer first. Sounds strange? Read on to know my take on selling on Myntra or any other e-commerce platform for that matter.

Selling on Myntra or any e-commerce the platform is simple. You get a CA or a specialist in e-commerce to help you register a company, register for GST, open a bank account and get a PAN card. These are the documents required for Myntra seller registration. It is just a matter of following the right procedures.

The challenge is in selling at the competitive price on Myntra and still making a profit. This is where you must first know how to buy before you try to sell online. Why? Online e-commerce sites feature sellers selling the same identical item at very competitive prices. You have to pay the Myntra a charge each time you sell a product. Margins are thin and further reduced by Myntra fees. Therefore, it becomes important to become a sharp buyer and source products from the right source and at the best price.

You can sell branded apparel but in that case, there is little room for price negotiation unless you buy-in huge volumes but you cannot do so because of financial limitations and also because if you do not dispose of them in time then they go out of fashion and you have dead stock.

The apparel industry is full of lakhs of manufacturers. You have to get to the right source and buy products at the best price to sell competitively and make a profit.  You cannot sell at very narrow margins because, if a product is returned, you bear the loss. Do you know many major brands do not manufacture apparel in-house but simply outsource them? A branded shirt, for example, starts its journey at Rs 300 or so and traveling down the chain it ends up selling at retail at Rs 800 to Rs 1200. The white-label manufacturer manages everything from procuring cloth to stitching, brand labeling and packing followed by dispatch. In short, anyone can become Myntra seller but they wish to sell and make a profit, set up your supply side first.



Smart businessmen operate on the principle “other people’s time, other people’s money and other people’s effort”. If you want to be in business and become Myntra seller do not try penny-pinching but outsource the registration part to someone like Digicommerce for a fee. They will do everything for you including forming a company, helping you get GST and PAN and help in the opening bank account if needed, followed by Myntra seller registration.

Thereafter, they even handle photography and product writeups and manage your store. They will devise new strategies to sell more.

Be smart and set up tight supply-side operations and manage it. Digicommerce handles your Myntra platform.


  1. Fill the Sell with Us Form: Click HERE to go to the Seller page of the Sell on Myntra.
  2. Legal Registration for your Business: Since, Myntra offers a Business entity, not an individual to sell on Myntra. ...
  3. Legal Documents to become a seller on Myntra: ...
  4. List your products & Start selling: ...
  5. Receiving Orders and Payments: