How To Upload Products On Ebay Seller Platform ?

2 Answers

eBay provides easy method to upload your products on this platform. You need to provide all the information of your item to list it on eBay. The information which you have to provide includes images, description, title, payment method, shipping method, and price of the product. To create and submit the listing of your products, eBay has provided a step to step guide for you. The steps to list your product on eBay are-

1)      Open your eBay seller account and on the top of the page, click on "Sell Your Item" form.

2)      Now You will be asked to complete that form.

3)      To complete the "Sell Your Item" form you have to provide the following details-

·         Select a category of your product-  You have to enter some keywords in the search box named "What are you selling?" and then choose a category from the list appeared.

·         Title and description-  You have to provide a suitable title for your listing because it will help the buyer to find your item. And a descriptive, clear, and true description of your product will help you to increase the selling of your product.

·         Specific details-  Provide additional and specific details of your product, it will help the buyer to find your item.

·         Images-  Upload good quality images of your item, it will make your product look attractive.

·         Select a specific listing format-  You have to understand the different type of listings like fixed price and auction formats and the pricing options related to them.

·         Price selection-  This step includes the pricing of the item.

·         Listing Duration-  You have to select a duration for the listing of your item. usually it lasts from 1 to 10 days. Most of the auction listing lasts 7 days.

·         Payment information-  You have to choose a payment the method by which you will accept payment from buyers.

·         Return Policy-  You should clearly specify your return policy for a better understanding for the buyers.

·         Listing upgrades-  you have to select the listing upgrades properly such as highlight, bold and borders. It will help you in the promotion of your items.

 This is how you can upload your listing on eBay.                   


To upload items on eBay we need to prepare an excel file with product information. After that, upload that file on ecomdash with file format .csv. Then we need to select the product and list them on eBay marketplace. This is the easiest method of eBay product listing