How we can download sales report?

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As a seller on Flipkart, you should know about your sales performance. Keep track of sales every day or week to know that you are performing well. You could maintain your own excel sheet and enter the details of each sale. This can be a time-consuming process since you will have to spend time manually updating your worksheet.

Flipkart provides all data for its sellers in the seller panel. You can generate various reports like returns, payments and sales.

  • To generate sales report click on new orders tab and then completed tab.
  • Next, you select the date range.
  • You can then generate the report.




If you are a seller you are supposed to know all the features available in your seller dashboard. Explore it and you will find important data like orders, returns, payments and charges you have paid to Flipkart and so on.

In order to generate the sales report on Flipkart-

Simply log in to your seller account and then, from the new orders tab you select completed orders tab and then enter the date range.

You have the option of selecting data for one year. It is a good idea to download the page and store it in a folder since previous years’ data may not be available.




If you are a new seller and you have not yet explored all features of the dashboard on your seller portal it is advisable to spend a few hours to familiarize yourself.

In order to generate the sales report in Flipkart,

  • You will have to access your seller account first.
  • You see a page open up and then you see various tabs.
  • One tab you have to click on is the New Order tab.
  • You will see the completed orders tab.
  • Click on it.
  • You will be given options to select the date range.

This allows you to know your sales for the entire year, for 3 months, for 6 months, for a month or for a week. You can indulge in this exercise to know your performance on an annual, quarterly and weekly basis.



Download sales & payout reports
  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Click Download reports > Financial.
  3. Under "Earnings reports" or "Estimated sales reports," click to download your latest report or select a year and month to download a different report. Your report will be downloaded as a comma-separated values (.csv) file.