Is it safe to order food from food ordering apps during COVID widespread?

1 Answers

The Carona virus pandemic has changed our lifestyle drastically. Almost from 3 months, we all staying at home and eating homemade food. And we all are missing going out and eating from our favorite food point or ordering food from Zomato or Swiggy. But is it really safe to order food online? According to me, there are two different aspects to this question arising in our mind.


  1. You know how to cook, you are sating with your family, in short, you can get homemade food easily If you are under this category then you should avoid ordering food for some more time. I know its way to hard to control our food cravings. But to be on the safer side avoid ordering from outside.
  2. .You live alone and you don't know how to cook. If you are in this category then you can order food. Yes, I just said that because you just have two options either find a house help who will cook for you but this is way too risky. The second option you have is ordering from outside which is somewhat less risky. 

You need to follow all the safety precautions which are as follows

• Order from the cafe or resto whom you trust the most and you are sure that they are taking safety precautions. avoid ordering from new places. If you don't know the safest place to order then check the hygiene rating.

• Avoid cash on delivery.

• After receiving your package, remove outer packing and discard outer packaging immediately. Or disinfect the package with disinfectant spray.

• Heat your food before eating.