Is paypal mandatory for ebay ?

2 Answers

eBay is an American Online shopping marketplace and serves its services worldwide. eBay facilitates business to consumer and consumer to consumer sales services through the eBay website. As eBay is an international site, one question comes in mind that how would be pay if we order anything from eBay. Some people think that Paypal is mandatory for eBay and others to want to make payment through their debit and credit card.

As I understand from news online, the agreement between PayPal and eBay will come to a close in 2020 and PayPal will no longer be mandatory for sellers. As matters stand, if you refer eBay help you will find that sellers can choose direct debit, the credit card or PayPal. Nowhere do they state that PayPal is mandatory for eBay sellers.


People buying items on eBay will be able to pay without leaving its website, and sellers will have lower processing costs, the online giant said in a blog post. EBay has signed an agreement with Dutch firm Adyen to process payments, but buyers will still be able to use PayPal on the site until at least 2023.