Is Selling on Amazon FBA the Best Choice or not?

1 Answers

Selling on Amazon through FBA is a great choice for a seller on Amazon. The benefits of selling through FBA are-

· In Amazon FBA provides the freedom to a seller to run the business independent to a location. Amazon does all your packaging and delivery work by itself you just have to provide the stock to Amazon FBA.

· If you don’t have storage or warehouse to keep your inventory, it can be a problem for you as the stock needs to store somewhere. Amazon FBA service solves this problem of the seller as they organize all your stuff.

· Products fulfilled by Amazon are qualified for prime service. Customers with a Prime account get free shipping in 2-3 days for the products in the program and same-day delivery is also available with the prime in the same cities. It helps the seller to engage with all customers having prime service.

· You also got a tag “Fulfilled by Amazon” which highly influence the customer to buy your product.

· It increases your chance to win Buy Box which is a crucial thing to get potential customers with great sales on Amazon.

· By Amazon FBA service you can run a multi-channel business and have all the inventory at the same place.