Is Swiggy better than Zomato?

2 Answers

Both the apps are doing good. Still, I am writing the pros and cons of Zomato and Swiggy to answer this question.


 Zomato pros -

    1.  Zomato has Tie-ups With Almost all Restaurants  Zomato has lots of delivery boys so that customers can get fast food delivery.

  1. Zomato’s billing process is completely transparent.
  2. Customers get lots of discounts and offer on Zomato
  3. Zomato’s billing process is completely transparent.
  4. You can find almost all the restaurants on Zomato.
  5. Zomato offers gold membership which is worth subscribing.


Zomato Cons -

1. Zomato late-night delivery is not that good.

2. Zomato doesn’t have call based customer care service


Swiggy Pros -

1. Swiggy has good delivery speed

2. Swiggy have various payment options

3. They have a good amount of tie-ups

4. Zomato has lots of delivery boys.


 Swiggy Cons -

2 Swiggy,s customer care service is not good.


So according to me, Swiggy wins the battle between Swiggy vs Zomato




Indians prefer to 'Swiggy it' more than ordering in on Zomato: KalaGato report. Foodtech unicorn Swiggy won the food delivery race last year, and was closely followed by FoodPanda, thanks to the Ola-backed platforms push on discounting. Rival Zomato got only 23.78 percent of the market share by transactional volume.