Shopclues Boost Services – Jump up Your Sales

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It is relatively easy to register and sell on Shopclues. However, taking it to the next level requires further strategies to boost sales on Shopclues and leap ahead of the competition. Shopclues boost services to help sellers attain higher revenues and to manage key operations covering inventory, orders, shipment, new product listing and sourcing as well as promotions. Grow business with Shopclues boost services.

Benefits of Shopclues Boost Service:- 

Apart from providing a platform for sellers Shopclues also has several strategies in place that can help to increase sales. Digicommerce keeps track of ongoing Shopclues promotions and helps you benefit.

Order bid is a system unique to Shopclues in which sellers can search for orders and bid on them. 

• Festive and seasonal promotions are part of Shopclues ecosystem to help sellers liquidate the inventory and boost revenues. 

• Developing a strategy of coupons, loyalty programs, customer interactions and feedbacks. 

Digicommerce knows how Shopclues works and how to increase sales. You may focus on your routine order execution while Digicommerce team works at boosting sales on Shopclues for you. 

Routine operations

 Once you get onto Shopclues you will find that everyday routine matters can take up a lot of your time. Some tasks may be challenging. Do not worry. Digicommerce comes to your assistance and its team handles: -

Updating product listing and inventory as well as prices on your store on Shopclues.

Keeping an eye on orders and inquiries as well as abandoned shopping carts. We then analyze reasons, get in touch with such shoppers and try to minimize such instances. 

We keep an eye on shipped orders, tracking and returns besides handling label printing if needed, backed by our analysis of all aspects of order execution such as the speed of shipment, successfully delivered, returns and everything else. Your benefit: You can focus on growing product list and sourcing as well as order execution. 

Account health

Our team delves deep into data to compile information on account health. This involved analysis of customer behaviors on your page, the reason for leaving, success in conversions, shopping cart, returns, refunds and, importantly the revenues you earn. We consider frequency and volume over a period to arrive at an averaged value of account health. At the same time, we track competitors to know how you stand. Your benefit: You can take better-informed decisions that lead to more revenues, better customer experience and improved future prospects.

Dynamic price adjustments

Digicommerce team of Shopclues experts keeps an eagle eye on price movements on Shopclues and in corresponding marketplaces to know if your product is priced right or if it is higher priced or lower priced. The prime focus is on moving inventory and achieve faster turnarounds. Our team handled dynamic price adjustments on Shopclues. Your benefit: your products fly off the shelves and you increase revenues.

Retain Digicommerce. It will be one of the best investments you make for your success on Shopclues.