Voonik Boost Services - How to increase Sales on Voonik and Enhance Business

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Registering as a seller on Voonik is not difficult. Selling and selling well is a challenge due to intense competition. There have been reports of people registering as retailers and not getting a single sale in a month. Some people manage to sell but in low quantities that hardly justify the effort. What you need is consistently increasing volume and frequency of orders on Voonik and for this, you can go for Digicommerce Voonik boost service.

Strategies for success through Voonik boost

As a seller, you will be busy with sourcing, manufacturing and executing orders. You may not have the time to manage your account, keep your store updated, keep track of orders, returns and sundry other activities like payments. Your business and image could suffer and your sales will stutter. Let Digicommerce takes care of all these and you can focus on adding to product lines and refining sourcing.

Voonik promotions

Voonik PCA: One way to become more noticeable and boost sales on Voonik is to participate in its product category ads. Sign up and a banner is displayed to buyers when they search in a particular category. This increases chances of click through to your store and a sale taking place.

In addition, Digicommerce team assists with formulating plans to offer discount coupons and related rewards and loyalty program plus explore cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Bulk buying and selling on Voonik

You can become a wholesaler and sell in bulk to the retail buyer as well as to dealers across India with the help of Digicommerce. Digicommerce team formulates a proper strategy, helps you identify products to sell and set pricing and teaches you negotiation techniques.

Our team carries out research into products that sell more or products that are more profitable and present you options to improve the volume of sales and add to product range as well.

External promotions

Setting up a store on Voonik is no guarantee that you will get orders from day one and sell hundreds of articles. You will need to put in extra efforts. This is where Digicommerce can help by implementing digital promotions and marketing techniques across social media, search engines and also through chats and instant messengers. The goal is to enhance visibility and gain popularity for your store. This in turn will lead to more visitors and more buys.


If you are not doing well we analyze reasons touching various points like shopping cart abandonment, poor quality of product photographs, improper product descriptions, high price, added shipping and packaging that makes shoppers leave halfway, better pricing of competitors or lack of demand. You get a complete report and better intelligence. Our team also recommends whether to continue with an item, add other items or to liquidate inventory at rock bottom prices.

Just registering as a seller will not be enough. You need Digicommerce Voonik boost service to help you gain acceleration.