What are the documents required to become a seller in Ebay ?

4 Answers

Ebay.in exited India but there is news that it could be returning once again. Meanwhile, you can register and sell internationally across Ebay’s other international sites or to the US. You will need to furnish the following documents to become an eBay seller:

  • Documents pertaining to ownership such as proprietorship/partnership/trust/private limited or limited company/HUF or limited liability partnership. Files can be uploaded in PDF or jpeg or png format.
  • Proof of identity and proof of address – passport, Aadhar, driving license, telephone bill, bank statement.
  • PAN
  • GST registration certificate
  • Bank account & cancel cheque
  • Paypal account

If you want to sell your products online you will require some documents which are necessary to start selling online in any marketplace you choose. If you prefer eBay.in site, you will find that they are quite specific about documents to be submitted by an intending seller. The documents also vary according to the constitution of the business i.e. whether it is partnership/proprietorship/trust/HUF, private-public limited company in which case relevant papers are needed along with:

·         ID proof

·         Address proof

·         PAN

·         GST certificate

·         Bank account

·         PayPal Account linked to a bank account.


If you want to become a seller on eBay, go to their site and download business plan format and print it and then fill in details. Stamp and sign it and then scan it. Submit it along with relevant documents pertaining to your company’s constitution as well as GST, PAN card, proof of address and proof of identity. You will also need a bank account and canceled cheque to scan and upload. A bank account with Paypal linking will help you sell internationally.


if you want to become an seller, you need below the documents .
  • Company PAN Card.
  • VAT / CST.
  • Address Proof ( Electricity Bill , Voter ID , Adhar Card)
  • Bank Account.
  • Company Registration Document.
  • TIN Number.
  • Brand / Trademark Registration.