What are the documents required to become a seller in Shopclues ?

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Shopclues is a regular e-commerce marketplace that allows sellers to join and sell to millions of buyers across India. You cannot sell as an individual in your individual capacity as you sell on OLX or Quikr. You must be a registered business with proper certification and documents before you will be accepted as a seller on Shopclues.

Visit sites that offer assistance to you to help you register and become a seller on Shopclues and they will tell you that you need to have a number of documents such as:

  • Documents relating to your business such as documents for proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, private limited or public limited company. There is no need to form a limited liability partnership or private limited or public limited company. You can start as a proprietorship company and the constitution can be changed at any time in the future. Focus on keeping startup costs low.
  • GST registration certificate is a must.
  • Equally indispensable is a PAN card in your company name
  • Address proof and ID proof.

You may also be advised to obtain additional documents such as authorization letter from the distributor of branded product and digital signature certificate.

Shopclues minimum requirement

Visit http://storemanager.shopclues.com/vendor.php?dispatch=authorize.welcome&source=shopclues which is the portal for sellers and you will find that they ask for only two documents to start with as a seller. These are PAN card and GST identification number.

Get these on priority and register on Shopclues. You can get other documents afterward.


If you wish to sell on Shopclues you will have to sell as a business, not as an individual. This introduces regulatory compliances and registration. Get it right from the start and you will have fewer headaches later on. Put together these documents that must be available at the time when you register as a seller on Shopclues:

Sole proprietorship company

Keep address proof, ID proof, Aadhar card or personal PAN card ready.

Limited Liability Partnership

  • Partnership deed and registration as LLP certificate
  • PAN card in name of LLP
  • Power of attorney in favor of a partner authorized to carry on transactions
  • Address proof showing addresses of all partners

Private limited/public limited company

  • Incorporation certificate
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • PAN card
  • Residence proof of each director and address proof of the company

These are case-specific documents references to the constitution of the company.

Regardless of the type of business, you form you will need to obtain:

GST registration

If you wish to sell then you will have to obtain GST registration certificate to comply with laws, pay taxes and also claim setoffs.

Bank account

You will have to open a current account in a bank to receive payment from Shopclues. Shopclues may ask for a copy of cancelled cheque and details of bank and PAN.


If you plan to sell branded products you may find it advisable to get an authorization letter from regional distributor or manufacturer authorizing to sell their products.

If you plan to sell in your brand then register it with trademark authority.



Shopclues provides a platform for sellers to sell online. If you sell from your shop you can get away with not issuing a bill when you sell to a customer but that is irregular and against the law. If you sell online and receive payment in your bank through Shopclues you cannot have any such hanky panky. You have to issue GST invoice for each product you sell. Therefore, you will have to apply for and obtain a GST registration certificate.

If you engage in business and earn profits you cannot put all of it in your pocket. You have to pay income tax. No one likes to pay income tax but we cannot do anything. It is the law. If you do not pay the tax you will be in a worse position. Therefore, when you apply for registration as a seller on Shopclues you will be asked to furnish PAN card details and the PAN card has to be in the name of the company you form, not your personal PAN card.

Shopclues will ask you to upload the above two documents when you register as a seller on Shopclues.

They may not ask you but to get PAN and GST in the company name you have to register a company as a proprietorship, partnership or private/public limited company. Each type of business will need various documents:

  • Proprietorship: Address proof, ID proof, PAN (Aadhar card, driving licence, passport), bank account in name of the business
  • Partnership/limited liability partnership: Partnership deed, LLP registration certificate and LLP PAN card
  • Private/Public limited company: Certificate of incorporation, memorandum & articles of association, Company PAN, address proof of each director.

Now you know!