What is an SKU and why is it important? Amazon

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Amazon is the best e-commerce marketplace in India. If you are planning to sell products online then you need to register your account on Amazon seller central. For listing your products you need SKU ( Stock Keeping Unit ) code which is a set of letters and numbers given to a particular product by a seller. 

Stock Keeping Unit is used for internal inventory management purposes. Different sellers have different SKUs for the same product. Coding your product with Amazon SKU makes it easy to find, search and reference products for pick & pack, orders, invoices, etc.


 Importance of Amazon SKUs to sell products online -

• The customers who want to search for a specific item mostly searches through SKUs.

• Other retailers search for items using SKUs.

• They provide effective and easy Inventory Management.

•  It helps in returning customers to search for the product he purchased earlier.

If you are still facing issues in listing your products or in Amazon SKU then you can contact Amazon seller central.