What is flipkart assured?

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Flipkart is the leading marketplace for selling and buying products online. If you are planning to buy products online then Flipkart is the best option for you. You can find everything you are planning to buy. 

 Flipkart Assured means, a badge offered by Flipkart which ensures the customer that the product under Flipkart will be of good quality and you will get fast delivery on these products. This badge is only applicable to select products that are listed by top sellers. 

These are few parameters you can follow to become Flipkart Assured seller-

Packaging should be transit- free 

• Free and fast shipping 

• Six quality check

• Stringent seller guidelines


Flipkart Assured, a new quality and speed badge applied to select products in key categories, is the new benchmark in online shopping. ... Flipkart Assured, India's first 'Quality and Speed Assurance' program, guarantees that high quality products are delivered to customers in the fastest time possible