What is it like to travel using Ola Bike in India?

1 Answers

I am writing the pros and cons of traveling using Ola bike in India.

Pros of using Ola bike and Rapido In India.

Cheaper - Traveling in Ola bike is cheaper if you compare them with traveling in a cab. You pay approx 40 % less fare if you travel in Ola bike instead of Ola cab.

Lesser traffic- Due to the smaller size of the bike, you will face less traffic. Which will save your time.

Quick rides- You will reach your destination in lesser time by using Ola bikes.

Cons of using Ola bikes in India.

Safety- It is not that safe to travel on a bike on a congested road. If we compare ola cab and ola bike then Ola cab is safer then Ola bike.

Temperature- Sometimes you have to face bad weather conditions.