What is seller SKU Flipkart?

2 Answers

Flipkart is India's most famed and popular online selling marketplace so it is necessary to manage all its products effectively. SKU in Flipkart is Stock Keeping Unit. SKU term is used by the seller who is selling different products on Flipkart. It helps the seller to identify their products. S2B4 may indicate Shelf two, box four. Once an SKU on a product is allocated by you, it can not be changed again.

It is an alphanumeric code, normally having 6-8 characters provide identity to products and help the seller to identify his products and also helps the seller to track inventory of their business. Seller can create SKU numbers manually or in his inventory management or POS(point-of-sale) software.


Every product that is listed online has a unique code known as Sku code. Its basically for the sellers understanding so that as and when he gets an order its easier for him to know what product is it. As mentioned below Flipkart has a unique code which is visible online so does Snapdeal.