What is the best way to increase your sales on ebay?

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Ebay and other marketplaces keep on updating their technical side and this has an effect on sellers and their sales on eBay. The way to get more sales is to be found in searches on eBay and by conforming to Ebay’s Cassini search criteria. Align titles and descriptions to match and also match other criteria and Cassini will display your listing as a quality listing.

Improve returns policy

Ebay offers buyers a money back guarantee and you can improve on it by offering a longer period in which buyers can return their purchase. This may seem risky but Cassini considers it a plus and will rank your listing higher up the scale.

Better and more photos

In this age of digital, it does not cost much to take a number of photographs of the product from different angles. You are allowed to display 12 so make full use of it to impress buyers and increase sales on Ebay.

Title and description

A little research should show you what words buyers use when they search eBay and what titles the top listed sellers are using for a similar item. The sequence of words is important such as specifying the brand, size or model and then color. When it comes to the description it pays to be as detailed as possible, checking all possible and applicable boxes. The more info you give the more your chances of increasing sale on Ebay.

Free shipping

Buyers like free shipping and will pick products that include shipping in the cost. Even if you add shipping to the basic product cost. You are covered. Buyers see a product with free shipping and will likely jump at the offer.


Ebay has changed a little bit in recent times. Instead of displaying a long list of products to the intending buyers it now presents a select list of what it considers to be most suited. That is the outcome of the implementation of Cassini, its search engine. If you are a seller and wish to increase sales you will have to get into Cassini’s good books. Cassini is partial in many respects.

Keep selling all the time

You are a seller and you are supposed to sell is what Cassini thinks. So, keep products flying off the shelves by offering sales, discount vouchers or bargain offers. Use Ebay’s Markdown Manager for this purpose. Stagnation in sales is a bad sign so, even if you net a low margin, you will find it in your interest to show momentum and acceleration in sales.

Manage your account

Sellers need to pep up their operations since their performance is always under review. What this means for sellers wishing to increase sales on Ebay is that they must work hard at satisfying customers. Then, they must try to obtain positive feedbacks and seller ratings. If there is a dispute then it must be resolved fast. If the buyer asks a question always respond. Faster shipments earn you points.

Use this trick

Ebay sends an RSS feed to Google about each listing the moment someone lists it. Ebay’s search engine Cassini too likes fresh listings but it will not look at older ones. Use this trick Turn of the eBay RSS feed for a short time. Then switch it on again and your listing is sent again as RSS feed.

Another trick to use is to include shipping in the product cost and try to optimize packaging so that shipping costs the least. Add shipping to the price you wish to set and list the product at a higher price but with shipping included.

A third one that works is to offer an extended returns period. This makes buyers happy and it makes eBay search engine happy and your sales increase in eBay.


That competition from other sellers is making life a nightmare is one thing. Ebay is also polishing its act and pushing sellers to do more. Get in the good books of Ebay and increase sales by a few strategies described below.

Take part in eBay deals

The simplest way to start with is to take part in eBay deals but you can do this only if you are a top rated seller. You can become a top rated seller by implementing a few tactics as you will see. Once you get to take part in eBay deals then your product will be featured on the home page and in promotional mails.

Product description, title, pricing and other small but not insignificant things

Give these issues top priority:

  • Give the right title to your product. It matters because that can have an impact of whether your listing is found or not. Just enter starting words of your title in eBay search box and its autocomplete, the feature will show you what is expected.
  • Description needs to be as detailed and accurate as possible, right down to the color, size, dimensions, weight and anything else. Ebay does have an extensive checklist but go beyond and give more.
  • Include buy now option instead of the auction route.
  • Include shipping in the price
  • Offer 30 days or more returns policy.
  • Answer questions promptly, ship fast, get feedback and positive ratings from buyers
  • Put in special efforts to capture highly detailed images and make use of the maximum limit of 12 images.
  • Always have some offer or the other going so that your store sees steady and regular sales, which gets you favorable consideration to become top rated seller.

Once you become top rated seller then Ebay automatically gives preferential listing in searches and buyers click through to your store and most will buy.


eBay Sellers Can Increase Sales With Just a Few Tweaks
  1. List daily. ...
  2. Use keywords in your listing that buyers would use. ...
  3. Take clear photos. ...
  4. Include measurements. ...
  5. Offer a 60-day return policy. ...
  6. End old listings and relist. ...
  7. Ship internationally. ...
  8. Share on social media.