What is the best way to increase your sales on paytm?

2 Answers

You can increase your sales on paytm by the following step-

·         Promote your product by participating in various promotional campaigns.

·         Try to keep the Selling Price(SP), Discounts and offers,  Market Retail Price(MRP) etc according to the requirement of the product.

·         Follow the packaging guidelines and ship orders policy as per the SLA.

·         During the promotion, try to provide the competitive price of the product to the customer.

·         Keep your catalog updated with proper inventory always.


The other steps to increase your sales on paytm are-

·         Product should be well packaged.

·         Always ship the product on time.

·         Try to keep customer satisfied by providing the desired product.

·         Increase your seller ratings.

·         Communicate well with the customer.

·         Provide right pricing for the product.



How to boost your sales?
  1. Participate in as many promotions rolled out by Paytm Mall as possible.
  2. Keep the specifics of the products – Selling Price (SP), Market Retail Price (MRP), Discounts etc. – in sync with the requirements of the campaign.
  3. Update your catalogue with more products and keep proper inventory levels.