Which one is better: Netflix or Amazon Prime?

2 Answers

I am comparing both the services on the basis of these two things


  1. The price you are paying
  2. Video content


For prime video, you need to pay rs 999 for a month and rs 129 per month

for Netflix,  you need to pay rs 499  per month for the basic plan,  rs 649 per month for standard and 799  per month for premium


So when we compare on the basis of price amazon prime wins the battle.


Comparing on the basis of video content Netflix is a good option for you because on Netflix you can find more videos on  Amazon prime 


I am using both the subscriptions so according to me, both have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. If you are a person who is interested in watching the latest web series and movies. then you must give Netflix a try. On the other hand, you are a person who is not that much into movies and web series and watch them in ones in a while then you can go for amazon prime videos.


Netflix is better than Amazon Prime Video in almost all respects . Therefore if you only consider TV series , Netflix basically trounces Prime Video . But Prime Video has some decent Hollywood movies and some good films in regional cinema . Moreover Prime Video is very cheap when compared to Netflix.