Why did Netflix have a hard time in India?

2 Answers

• 1-month free trial - In India people have three to four cards so they enjoy Netflix for free for almost four months. Even people started borrowing their friends and relative's cards. In this way, In India, many people are using Netflix for seven to eight months for free. This is the main reason why Netflix is facing a hard time in India.


• Account sharing - As we know account sharing is allowed in Netflix. So people buy a membership in a group of five. In this case, everyone has to pay a comparatively less amount of money.


• High costing- In India Netflix have two bIg competitors Amazon Prime and Hotstar. And both of them are cheaper from Netflix so in India people prefer Amazon Prime and Hotstar.


• Netflix is famous for its original shows but Amazon Prime also has its original shows which are equally good. So people started preferring Amazon Prime because you have to pay less amount for Amazon Prime and you can enjoy good shows.


• On Hotstar Amazon Prime latest Bollywood movies are available for their subscribers. This also made one of the reason for Netflix's failure.


• If you buy Amazon Prime membership then you will also get benefits on Amazon website like fast delivery. This also attracted many people to go for Amazon prime.


• Companies like Airtel, BSNL offer one year free Amazon Prime subscriptions on Some of their selected plans. Which made Amazon prime more tempting then Netflix


These were the few reasons due to which Insite of having such good and entertaining content still having a hard time in India.


Some of the readers have mentioned that piracy and torrent downloads should also be included. But I think that piracy and torrent downloads is a global issue that is affecting not just Netflix but also Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood and other regional Cinemas.

And I have taken into consideration only those points that are affecting Netflix particularly.