Why is Swiggy doing better than Zomato?

2 Answers

Swiggy is the best home food delivering app in India. Here are the few reasons due to which Swiggy is performing well as compared to Zomato.

 •  Swiggy gives more offers as compared to Zomato.

• Swiggy has a comparatively good payment process for delivery boys because if this reason delivery boy was more interesting in joining Swiggy as their delivery boys.

 • Swiggy gives more benefits to their employees like medical facilities, a good amount of incentives, etc.

 •  In the beginning, Swiggy was taking less amount of commission from restaurants which attracted more restaurants.

•   Swiggy got a good amount of funding.

Due to these reasons, Swiggy is performing well as compared to Zomato.


Zomato and Swiggy together fulfil over three-quarters of all orders. Between the two, Zomato has a slight edge. Its app is installed on 12% of all Indian smartphones, compared with Swiggy's 10%, according to data shared with Quartz by the market research firm Unomer.